Welcome to Tom Barber's website

Website currently a work in progress - 9/2/20

This site is mostly for documentation of my Retrocomping Hobby. My dayjob is the system/network administrator for a mid-size nonprofit in CT, supporting a network of about 500 users accross 25 locations. Best places to see what I'm up to professionally, see my LinkedIn or Github

I have also been involved as an organizer/volunteer regularly for the yearly BSides Connecticut Security Conference since 2011, typically in charge of A/V, networking, graphic/handout/poster design, and anything else that needs to be done.

For my computer collection, I mostly tend to focus on 68k/PowerPC Macintoshes, but I do have quite a few PC Compatibles, and early home microcomputers. I also have quite a few Palm Pilots and other handheld computers